Hear Your Voice

seems like the voices in my head all have something to say

since they made their visit in here,days are noisy

decisions are harder to make now

smiling is just for show

now more than ever am more prone to thinking that somehow everybody else owes me allegiance.

today, i just want to hear Your voice.


Maybe its Facebook,

or maybe its twitter.

Social networking got me thinking everybody likes my opinion,

got me forgetting that its not me to be followed.

i forgot the One am following.

Sites got me open,but not open to hearing you.

Yes am losing my focus,and now there’s trouble everywhere.

But all i want, is to hear your voice.


I got to do something differently,

with so many distractions,i guess i have to do somethings different.

Need to stop running in circles,

maybe i need to simply get alone,and not answer my phone today,

stop texting so much.

turn off the television and the ‘black berry’

eat less of YouTube and pause the iPod,

If i want to hear Your voice.


i want to hear Your voice,

it’s the only thing that matters.

I wanna hear Your voice,

speak to me Lord.I just want to hear You clearly.

We wanna hear your voice,speak to us Lord.


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