She looks at me with those big inquisitive eyes that heart-warmingly remind me of my own.She pleads yet again that i agree to let her use my mascara wand and lipstick.And quickly adds that if i let her apply my powder,i will officially be her favourite cousin!I do not think twice.Infact,i even let her try some of my scarves.


Then it dawns on me.Litle miss sunshine is acting all grown up.Her passing comments on how much she cant wait to go to college dont pass my ears.But its the warm desire in my heart that aches to tell her not to fret about it that worries me.The need to just hug her and whispher,”forget about college,for now,just be a child”.I will my soul to be still but it wanders off,and my mind tags along with it.And as if it was just yesterday, i remember being a child.


I remember getting away with soiling my school uniform because how i looked did not matter,atleast not to me.My mother would disagree.I remember being in class,eating mabuyu and chasing other children around with the seeds.I remember having bites of the earth when it rained,just because it smelled nice.I can almost feel the coolness of those tiny icecreams i’d get after sunday school.I remember not caring,not worrying about anything but being in each moment and actually living it.I recall learning to ride my friend’s bike with no fear in the world..Just a zeal to balance on the two-legged automatic thing.I remember freedom of mind and will…i was a child,carefree.But now i stand on both sides of the (child-adult) hyphen.Things are different.

So as i put a pink scarf on my cousin,i smile.Glad that she still has that in full.She is still a child.






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