The borderlines have been drawn,
the coastlines are marked.
All radicals are taking their places.
Empowered with the gospel of truth;
of peace and a call to love,
the influential army is standing in place,
Standing out to be counted.
To be counted as free slaves for Jesus,
Jesus the man-God.

The army raises its voice calling out,
calling out to others of their kind;
To stand Out and be that one of a kind generation.
A generation fearless in acknowledging and repenting their sin,
but in reverent fear willing to seek,to serve,to trust and obey;
Obeying the call to be disciples,to make disciples,
to grow disciples.
Obeying the call to love their friends and peers,
Obeying the call to refuse to let them fall.

The borderlines have been drawn,
the coastlines are marked,
The radicals are taking their places…
Its time to Stand Out.
To Stand Out in their youthfulness like Jeremiah,
To Stand Out with the courage of Joshua,
the valor of Gideon,
the for-such-a-time-as-this readiness of Esther
the unreserved obedience of Jesus,
They are STANDING OUT saying,


One thought on “STAND OUT

  1. For this piece, one scripture comes to mind:
    Romans 8:19
    “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.”
    TO Stand Out!

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