Mid Night Musings

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has answers,it sings because it has a song” Maya Angelou

A blanket of darkness over the earth,the feel of night dances on my senses.In the stillness of the world,my mind is on a steeple-chase,running a marathon against my heart .Tonight, reason and passion collide.Resolutions meet spontainety and allegience dares free-will.If #teamMind should win,passion becomes history,spontainety turns to ice and free will will be free no more.But,say. the heart carries the day,all reason,resolutions and allegience mean nothing.

I feel fire tonight.I feel fire,burning my senses.Burning the bridge between my mind and heart.If they both should lose,they should both lose together.But if this is to end in life,they should all live together,help my feet on the ground balance my head in the clouds.

I feel fire tonight, burning that bridge.


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