This Generation


Today was not a good day.It was abso-flippin-lutely out of this world.(and no,i did not go to Italy or have ice-cream floats at the Bahamas).A great day!!And even that,is an understatement.I woke up thinking about how my evening would be.Got dressed and pell-melled my way through the day still thinking about the evening.But that didn’t prepare me for what my evening held.Nothing could have prepared me for TG.

TG,This Generation,is an initiative geared at “Creating a culture of young people who are unashamed of the gospel, who connect with God and each other and impact their generation” (read more about TG at ).TG targets campus students and therefore takes place at campuses in Nairobi and its environs.We were at Mount Kenya University,Thika campus, today.The session was dubbed an Epic Journey,and it sought to engage everyone in thinking about the major milestones in their lives that shaped who they are now. In all candour,the zest to learn and gusto to share their lives was something i did not expect from the students.Mainly because it was my first day there and to say i was a stranger would be apt,but the students seemed oblivious to this fact.So as the discussion about choices and their consequences gained momentum,i could not help but imagine the future.A future full of people unashamed of the gospel of Jesus,people with a community where they felt they belonged,empowered to live their best career-wise and with a passion to walk with the young adults coming after them.A future led by a generation that was moulded,a future led by this generation.That future looks bright.

I have no doubt that this day we lit a candle by God’s grace in Kenya,that i trust shall not be put out.A candle of hope and purpose for this generation.


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