she knows..

Night walks in on me differently,daily.

Sometimes,i notice her steps,often times i do not.

but its hard to miss her presence…

Possibly  because she’s always bearing gifts,

One,i love the most,she brings me,silence.

On good days,she doubles it with solitude; silence and solitude..

often,its just silence.


I think she knows,

i think night understands better than i,my need for silence.

my need to be alone,

in the calmness of day, my need to be left alone to and with my mind,my heart,my soul.

She is like a mother,

i swear she knows,

my need to meet face-to-face with myself,

to ponder on my day’s successes and failures in the confines of my mental mansion.

she knows,

my need to make friends with myself,

and daily,without fail,she sets a date…invites us both,

sometimes i show up.sometimes i do not.




One thought on “she knows..

  1. Hey,
    I like this piece, mostly since u describe sth intangible in a very modest sense.
    I like how portray The Night (I like to believe you’re speaking abt the night?)

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