Midnight Affairs

The curtains have closed on the day and Insomnia and I are at it again.Wooing each other but never quite giving into the game.This back and forth has been going on for ages,but back then we never fought.Now,fighting is all we seem to do.Wake up.Work Hard.Come home.Fight.Resign.Repeat.All my pleas for a resolution fall on deaf ears.You see,dear Insomnia, my terms are simple.How about we do this thing we do on nights when its really necessary?You know,sleepovers,night outs,nights I actually need to get work done or to ask the very least,on nights i have friends over?That way,this love affair will not be time wasting.But I get the feeling that you, dear Insomnia, are not about that kind of life.You seem to be more about closure and solitude and getaways.Wait,are you an introvert?Is that why you prefer to catch me alone and unguarded?HOooold up,are you really an introvert?C’mon Insomnia,you can tell me…so,are you?

Crap!!Why do I keep falling for your kind?The calm unnerved diplomatic species?Have you known this all along?No no no,get that silly smile off your face Insomnia!!You and I won’t happen.We can,but won’t.See,I don’t mix business with pleasure and even thou I love you (sometimes) Insomnia, you are bad for business and bad for school and bad for work.Oh,don’t turn your back on me and please don’t take this the wrong way,it’s not you…It’s me!It’s me, Insomnia.Am the problem here.I didn’t prepare well for this relationship and well, Pastor Nick said, *insert pastor’s voice* “If you are in it for the wrong reasons,GET OUT!” So yeah,I don’t know how we got here Insomnia,but we can’t do this


“Did you ever care? (long pause) You used me.You used me H.” Insomnia says furiously.

Is he talking about college?Again?I secretly want to smack him.

Rather defeatedly i mumble incoherently.”You have to stop bringing that up every time we disagree.I appreciate how you stayed up with me through the cats and exams…But,but that was then!”

“That was then?Are you even listening to yourself?Am not going to subject my heart to this.” He wakes,looks straight into my eyes and continues, “This is not over Miss,not even close!”

Eyes inadvertently closing,I pull the covers up to my chin and whisper in a resignatory voice,the all too familiar words, “We are done Insomnia.” At least for the night,I think.Image



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