Taking Stock

Making lists of all the business ideas that keep popping in my mind, got to be prepared for opportunities.
Wondering why so many princesses have no clue of their royal bloodline.
Drinking supa soya this morning. Its said to relieve menopause discomforts…friends,its never too early to prepare for old age.
Reading alot of books all at once,am getting too excited about not having exams after each book. whoop whoop
Wanting to bury my face in a subway sandwich form junction mall.
playing nothing because i deleted candy crush, i promise you i didn’t see that one coming.
Wasting no time wishing things were better, am making them better.
Enjoying the new burst of happiness in my life. Even traffic is making me smile lately.
Wondering why the breakout on my face is not going away. But smiling as i wait it out. Happiness.
Loving the jacaranda flowers in full bloom this October. Its all purple roads in Nairobi.
Hoping to finish Kinara well. This is one tedious leadership development program.
Marveling at how i sneeze at the slightest decrease of temperature. My body works!!Happiness.
Needing to stop picking at the pimples on my face.I look like a freaking potato.
Wearing the devil out with my good attitude.
Noticing the new inches on my hair. Pure bliss.
Knowing God is watching over me this day, just like He did yesterday.
Thinking of my next blog post.
Opening up to the fact that God really runs the entire show of my life and am getting inline with the program.
Giggling at all the lovey dovey thoughts am having this morning.
Feeling proud of myself for finally taking stock and very hopeful about the future.


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