Resolutions worth making in 2016

Benjamin Franklin once said, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Those words hold the same weight in truth now, as they did back then. Perhaps you would like to plan for an excellent year but have no idea how to go about. Or maybe, you already know what goals you’d like to accomplish but need a little help in making them more specific. If that is you, then the list below is for you and i. The points here-in are adapted (and 100 percent from Pst Nick Korir’s
(Of Nairobi Chapel Ngong Road)opening talk at our first staff meeting in 2016. The list contains the fundamental blocks that require regular checks to gauge how balanced one’s life is. You will have to set personal targets for each goal to know when you are on the right track and when you begin veering off. Here goes the 9 basic foundations for perfect resolutions;

1.Faith Life
Growing into a deeper relationship with God is paramount for a firm life foundation. If you are hoping to get closer to God this year,some great personal targets to grow your faith life include; daily bible study, increased prayer time,meeting with people of your faith,desiring the infilling of the Holy Spirit,discovering and using spiritual gifts. If those are some of your targets, throughout the year, you can gauge your progress by asking; How often have i read the bible,prayed,made a habit of meeting with fellow believers etc. As you evaluate your progress you’ll find out what needs to continue, be improved or changed to achieve your faith goals.

2.Marriage Life.
For anyone with a significant other, this is a key resolution to make. Decide early in the year (and in life) how you want your significant relationships to be.Some helpful pointers would include; playing together, praying together, laughing more often,learning to listen, saying ‘i love you’ more (and meaning it),forgiving unconditionally, and going places together. Relationships play a critical role in our overall well-being, consequently, planning to have successful ones is a plus in adding to our happiness and wellness.

3.Family Life
Apart from our significant relationships, we are all part of a family somewhere. You are somebody’s parent,daughter/son,sister/brother,cousin or even aunt/uncle. Truth is, we will not be here forever. Life is short. Therefore,it’s important to make provision to be the best parent,daughter/son,sister/brother,cousin or even aunt/uncle for the time God allows us with our families. Plan to spend time with them, remember their birthdays,walk with the young cousin who is about to join high school. Call your niece/ nephew who joined university the other year.Call your grandparents more. Simply resolve to enjoy the family God has blessed you with.

4. Rest Time/ Physical Life
Our bodies are our greatest assets. Any plans you make, will require a great physique to accomplish. Therefore, investing in our physical life should be a great priority this year.Eat well, exercise regularly and rest well too.
Rest,like drinking plenty of water, is one of those important aspects of our routines that majority of us take for granted. A rested mind is a productive mind. A rested body is a productive body. Make plans to unwind in your most enjoyable way. Perhaps reading a book a book helps you rest,or taking a road trip,or hanging out with friends or making D-I-Y crafts.Personally, i intend to rest for an hour a day,a day each week,and a weekend each month. Make it an intention to create time to rest this year too.

5.Office Life
Another area to set targets is in your chosen career path. What is your responsibility to your co-workers? Who are your colleagues and how do you relate with them? How is your office space? Is it a space that honors God,or spurs creativity,or promotes community? If not, how can you make your work space more conducive for work? Considering we spend the most of our day there, investing in a nice inviting space will very likely overflow to your work performance.

6.Ministry Life
This has to do with your calling and divine-given purpose. You may know what God has called you to do in the season you are in or for your entire life. Make goals to progress in this area. If you do not know what your purpose is, be intentional about finding it. Read books about purpose, find your passion but most importantly, ask God to reveal it to you.When you discover it, make goals and then pursue them boldly.In general Christians have a universal charge to make disciples. Are you being discipled? Are you discipling others?

7. Financial Life
Cultivating the right financial practices now will ensure a better and secure financial future. Some financial habits to develop in life include; tithing, offering, increasing sources of income, saving, pursuing investment opportunities and sharing with others or charity. It would help to have the exact figures for each goal to make it more specific and achievable.

8.Social Life
This area has to do with your friends and social network. What social circles are you in and which social circles do you need to leave?Do you need to find a mentor or find someone to mentor? Are there grudges you need to resolve with people?Or people you need to forgive? Those are some pointers to consider in making resolutions for your social life.

9.Personal Life
Remember your dreams, hobbies and interests. Is there a forgotten hobby you may need to embark on?Is there a personal art project you’ve been meaning to do since forever? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a new language. This is the year to do all those personal projects that add color and joy to your life.Lastly, no matter what you do, life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Live in the moment and enjoy it. Catch a sunrise or sunset, enjoy the taste of apples,enjoy hugs and laughter. Most of all,have fun!

I hope this list helps you create a life worth living and a legacy worth leaving.Happy New Year!And Prosperous 2016!

miss dodea


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