5 minutes with Silole Karasha of New Space Kenya

Once in awhile you meet passionate personalities chasing their dreams with so much vigor that it inspires you to the bone.I had such an encounter with 23 year old Silole Karasha, an interior designer whose start-up company, New_Space Kenya, hopes to venture into the competitive Kenyan creative world.  World, meet New_Space Kenya. New_Space, meet the world,and take it all.

Who is New_Space Kenya

New Space Kenya is an interior décor company. We are dedicated to bringing change in how individuals decorate and style their spaces. Out with the old, boring and uninspired decor and in with the new, sleek and stylish accessories. We believe that a vibrant space accessory can transform any room’s décor and deliver a bold style statement. Consequently, we work with all our clients to create diverse and unique spaces that communicate style and comfort that’s uniquely you.

OUR VISION: To be a leading brand and one stop shop for all home décor and gift needs

When and why did you start New_Space

I started the company in September 2015. Some of my oldest memories as a child entail my mom complaining that I was changing her living room too much. I played with the setting of my bedroom too, a lot! It was fun seeing how different pieces would bring out a new feel to our living room or my bedroom. It’s safe to say, I had an eye for interior design even then.

What do you specialize in?

New Space started off with throw pillows but the company has expanded into other aspects of home décor accessories.

Throw pillows: Personalized throw pillows are Kshs 1000 bob (cover + pillow), covers only go for Kshs 500, and for the ankara/leso / masaai covers we charge Kshs 800-1000

New additions include; room centerpieces, candles, kitchenware, typography posters and many more to come.Look out for amazing Valentines’ day deals on Rupu,next month, and follow us on our Instagram page @new_spaceke for more information

What advice would you give to upcoming entrepreneurs in interior design?

It’s a tough niche to get into because not many people have embraced different ways of decorating their space. There’s a misconception in Kenya that redecorating is expensive. We hope to challenge this misconception by offering affordable solutions to home owners and decorators. I would advise any interior design entrepreneur to be patient and very persistent if they hope to run a successful business.

How can someone contact you?

Call/ text/ WhatsApp 0706 095 001 or visit our Instagram page @new_spaceke

1452449524039[1] IMG_20150328_181448[1]

Be sure to check them out for all your interior design needs. Until next time,love and light.

miss dodea



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