Queen Esther’s Diary. Day 1

Dear diary,

My name is Esther. And Hadassah. I was not always Esther thou. Well, i have always been me me,but my original name was Hadassah. I gather it means Myrtle.Like the tree. I never quite got why any human would be named after a tree, but uncle Mord says its in memory of the times our people were slaves in Babylon. The Myrtle tree is native to Babylonians so when some of us (the Jewish exiles) returned to Jerusalem, they carried the tree with them as a symbol of the nation of Israel.

But now am Esther. It means star and happiness.I especially like how smooth it sounds,eess-starrr. I think i’ll keep it. Plus it sounds easier on the Persian tongues. You should hear my best-friend say Hadassah. She sounds like she ate bananas plus marshmallows and forgot to brush her teeth; ha-tha-sshah. Its hilarious. My name may also be a new addition to our tribe-the tribe of Benjamin. Am yet to meet anyone with the name. But my best-friend has a cousin called Esther. I bet mama would have loved it as much as i love hers, Abihail…just the mention of it and tears.*Looks up. Bats eyelashes* I know you are in a better place now, Uncle Mord always says you are.

Its hard to imagine how your lives were back then Ma’. Uncle Mord says that the Babylonians, led by evil King Nebuchadnezzar took all our people as slaves. Like two whole tribes of Judah and Benjamin were taken. Two whole tribes!I can’t even imagine how difficult that was. I hate Nebuchadnezzar for it. I think God must have hated him too. I hear He made him eat grass like a goat! Bahaha. Served him right! And then Cyrus the great conquered him and allowed our people to go back to Jerusalem. So we are all free now. Uncle Mord and some of his friends decided to continue living here. Something about a voice telling him to be still and trust Yahweh on staying. Uncle Mord longs for Jerusalem sometimes, but he is happy here. I enjoy it here. There’s always something fun to do. In fact, there’s a party at the palace right this minute. Its been on for about a month or so. Am helping out with the garden decor there. I should probably go check if the white linen were replaced..

PS: Uncle Mord, is actually cousin Mord..(Story for another day,GTR!)


miss dodea



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