Happy IWD Queens


queen IWD

Happy International Women’s Day to the timid lady-babes we were. The cute lil munchkins who laughed at the simplest things and danced to music only we seemed to hear. To the care-free tiny humans who’s faces beamed at the sight of butterflies, or insects or roaches. To the uncaged spirits that danced to the rhythm of life with the sheer innocence of who we were, children. Wild,wild children.
Happy Anticipation Day to the women we’ll become. Cheers to them, the graceful ladies with the immortal beauty and legacy of a gentle and quiet spirit. Cheers to them, the silver-gray haired beauties who’ll walk the sunset in wisdom. To the clear beady eyes that will have seen the best in all people. To the genuine smiles, unbroken by wrinkles, that will punctuate our days.
Happy IWD to the women we are today! Young, cautious and adventurous bearers of change for this world. May we find joy in the strength of our femininity, pleasure in the uniqueness of our talents. May we find peace in knowing, even when we are not everything we hope to be, we can unbecome who we were never meant to be as we discover the best version of ourselves. May find hope in our weaknesses. When shortcomings unforgivingly gape at us, may we embrace them courageous and forgive ourselves genuinely. May we strongly know that we were never meant to be perfect, but ourselves, our very true selves.
To all the girls/ladies/women we are today, may our smiles be many, our hearts tender and our hands eager to love humanity. And may our love for humanity empower us to live lives worth living with legacies worth leaving.
Happy International Women’ Day Queens.

miss dodea


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