do it afraid

I want to be great, just like you do. We all want to make something of our lives, to leave a legacy, a mark that will be remembered long after we are gone. Maybe like me, you have the image of what your 40 year old self will be like or will have accomplished. Perhaps you want to run a successful company, compose a best seller music album, maybe you want to be president, win numerous souls for Christ, or simply build a warm cozy house for your parents. We all have something we want to achieve or do, something big that will leave a legacy and afford us a comfortable life.

You have that image of your 40 year old self, but maybe like me, you are only 25 and you lack the means to do all those things you want to do. Conceivably, you lack the money, the right job or opportunity. Or maybe like me, you are simply afraid to do it. You wake up everyday and deep down you want to do it, you want to relentlessly purse your passion, or that idea, or that which you believe is your purpose. But maybe like me, there’s an in-explainable fear that holds you and it whispers stupid things like, “you don’t have the capital for this.” “There are so many others already doing this and the competition is too much.” or “You are simply not good enough to do it.” “You are not mature enough.” “Wait a little longer before you start”. “You can always start next week.”

Possibly’ like me, you have believed some, or all those statements. And so you are always going to start next week. Next. Week.

Sure enough next week comes. And goes. And nothing changes.

What if your fears are all real? What if you will never have enough capital by yourself, and you’ll never find the perfect job or opportunity, and you’ll never be good enough? What if all those fears are real? You do it anyway.You DO IT AFRAID.

You wake up, and you embrace that idea and you pursue it afraid. You talk about it to trusted people, you talk about it afraid.

You DO IT AFRAID. In a world that is constantly waiting for perfect circumstances, you do it as a beginner, you do it as a scared amateur.In a world that is constantly afraid to face their worst fears, you pursue you passion even  when you are afraid to fail, you do it passionately afraid. In a world that can bring you down for following your heart, you dare to be true to yourself, you dare to fulfill the things you were called to do, even if you have to do it afraid, you do it. Afraid.

You do it with your hands shaking, you do it with your heart beating violently in your chest, you simply do it. And as you do it afraid, soon enough you discover that fear is only courage in a mask. So do it. Do it afraid. Do it now.

miss dodea


10 thoughts on “DO IT AFRAID

  1. Exactly what I needed for this season. So many times we’ve allowed procrastination and fear to take over what could be the greatest things in our lives.
    Thanks Miss Dodea !
    I shall do it afraid!

  2. This article resonates with very many of us…fear is a absolutely the biggest hurdle to following one’s dreams. Thank you for the words that dare us to go ahead and follow ur dreams.I’m definitely going to do what I should be doing… Afraid or otherwise…Kudos Dodea👍👍👌

    • Nice piece dodea.. I wish every young person out there could read this to get some courage to do the impossible

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