Taking Stock 1


Sunrise captured at City Walk by Fjorilda Hushi

Making: funny faces at babies everywhere,every time.

Smelling: like caramel coffee. Small fact,I drink coffee once a week,on the eve of my off days.Why? Because coffee keeps me “woke” you guys. The aroma of freshly roasted arabica beans entices my senses with promise of a longer day, but my taste buds disagree at the first tinge of bitterness. Strangely, no matter how hard I stir, there’s always sugar at my cup’s bottom.Then it begins. The sudden warmth in my blood as adrenaline races through my veins,a not so subtle increase in heartbeats per minute and as the final edge kicks in,I find in myself a strange desire to run a marathon. I kid you not. Coffee and I are frenemies.

Cooking: up blog post ideas.Anything you’d like me to write about? Leave me a comment below or direct message me on any of my social media handles.

Drinking: water daily!and enjoying it.Lemon slices are helping loads.

Reading: Romans.

Wanting: to get rid of this adult acne breakouts am experiencing.Any ideas on what may help?

Looking: at a perennial tree that’s protected by the law.

Playing: this song and this too almost every single day.

Wasting: no time wishing things were different,instead am loving and making the most of every single day.

Sewing: nothing.

Wishing: for rain. A little petrichor.

Waiting: for nothing at the moment.Height of contentment,perhaps?

Liking: the adventures that come with travel.

Loving: the people am meeting in Dubai.To say multi-cultural does not even begin to describe it.

Marveling: at how similar the human race is. Regardless of where we are from,we all seem to want the same things.To feel loved, to know we belong, to be sure we can make a difference in the world.

Hoping: to meet and make friends with anyone Greek.

Wondering: Why am always freezing in Dubai. How now?

Needing: to take pictures and learn Photoshop. Hook me up with any ideas that may help on this,I’d really appreciate it.

Wearing: blue jeans to work! I Looooove it.

Followingbrownbook Alexandria Sarah

Noticing: that my hair does so well in protective styles.

Knowing: that a great life is made of small great habits and working towards one.

Thinking: about the Paris peace conference that just happened and what its implications will be for Israel and Palestine.

Feeling: 1. very grown up and womanly.Paying bills and putting on sunscreen has a lot  to do with this.

Bookmarking: Nice Reads

Opening: up to the idea that French fries and chocolate are not foods to eat everyday.Thanks adult acne.

Giggling: at this game we have at work where if anyone says something that reminds you of a song,you have to sing the song,out loud. Makes for a very friendly atmosphere!

Feeling: 2. Aliiiiive!!


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