Bad Date

Ever been on a bad date? You know,this person has expressed so much interest in you and constantly asks for your help in almost everything in life.And now, it’s finally time for some one-on-one time with them. So you plan the date in advance,pick a venue,the time,the dress,you listen to the right music to get you in the mood…you know,you got everything to make this date lit. Then the day comes,you both show up,you say hi to each other and it’s starting off right…then…you notice your date is sort of not into the date. Yes he/she is physically there,but,they are not really there. First,with a smile,they begin telling you everything they need from you and the deadlines for it.Not at one moment do they ask you how you are,or what’s happening in your life. Uh Uh! They just go on and on about theirs and their needs. When that is done and there’s no more requests,(and its your turn to share your heart) He/She is constantly checking their phone. There,but not really there. You ever been on a date like that? Ever been such a date?

Well,just recently it dawned on me just how bad of a date i can be (and have been) to the Holy Spirit. Yes,I’ll set up the date/time/place for quiet time,but when am there,am not really there..And when am really there,it’s just me popping off my requests and stuff. Maybe,like me,you’ve been here…See,God yearns for a relationship with us. He really wants to be our friend/best friend/absolute love of our lives.He does. And such relationships are for two.Two people who want to be there with and for each other. And trust me God wants to be there (He is already there) but do we honestly always want God or even want to be with Him,or do we just want our needs met?

God,being a good good father, will meet all our needs,but He wants a relationship too. He is not like some earthly fathers who only provide food,shelter and clothing and then want no relationship with their children.Nope! not our God. He honestly wants a relationship with us. And when you show up for quiet time(devotion,me-time-with-God) the Holy Spirit is there wanting and waiting for you to let Him in. So ask Him,how His day has been,What you should do about a or b..Ask Him about anything,and He will reveal His heart to you. And as you listen and learn His heart,you’ll trust Him all the more.

Cheers to being better dates,to showing up and being really there.